Pink An Alcoholic!

20 Oct 2008

Singer seeks treatment for addiction

Pop star PINK has had treatment for alcohol addiction.

The singer checked into a health centre over the summer  - because she feared she was an alcoholic.

The So What singer, who split from husband CAREY HART earlier this year, admits she finds it difficult to have fun without having a drink because she's such a "control freak".

But the star, real name Alecia Moore, felt her drinking was getting out of control - so went to see a therapist to determine a course of action.

She says, "A few months ago, I went to see a specialist because I thought I was an alcoholic.

"I have a problem with my vices. I've kicked the drugs, but every now and then I have to go out and get completely wasted on alcohol. For me it's about losing control. I'm such a control freak it's very hard for me to lose my inhibitions without something chemical inside me. How do you really have fun if there isn't a little drink in you? I don't actually know.

"I checked into Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, in the summer and I went to see a therapist, telling him I was an alcoholic. He asked me when I'd had my last drink and I couldn't remember - it had been a few weeks previously. I then read the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) manual cover to cover and we talked. I realised I wasn't an alcoholic, just someone who likes to get drunk every now and again. I'm trying to work out if that's a bad thing."