Exploding pimple nails - is this the grossest manicure EVER?

Exploding pimple nails - is this the grossest manicure EVER?

02 Nov 2017

We feel a bit sick

We thought we'd seen all there is to see when it comes to nail art. Apparently not. Nail queen Natasha Lee has created one of the most yukky nail art manicures and we're just not sure we're okay with it.

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If you're a fan of those viral YouTube videos where strangers spend hours popping ginormous boils and zits, you'll probably be into this. TBF, squeezing your own spots is highly satisfying so we imagine squeezing these fake nail spots will be pretty great.

Squeezable spots on your nails

Natasha's pimple popping include bulbous spots packed with white goo and are actually squeezable. Simple pinch the faux spot and squeeze to make your spot juice flow. Vom.

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Halloween might not be for another year but that just gives you more time to perfect this pimple mani for 2018. Or you could do it for Christmas and thoroughly gross your family out.

Here's how to do it...