Pierre Gagnaire

The world-renowned French chef behind the eponymous Pierre Gagnaire brand, who has his eyes on Dubai
Thursday , 29 March 2018
Pierre Gagnaire
Pierre Gagnaire
  • This year, I am looking forward to the launch of Pierre’s Bistrot & Bar, in Dubai. It’s opening soon on the Promenade Level at Dubai Festival City.
  • For me, cuisine is alive and my role is to give an ingredient even greater presence, more soul, whether or not it is new, whether or not it is well-known to me, or I have just discovered it. I transform it, bring out its beauty, while respecting its true nature. These nuances are inexpressible in words, they can only be tasted.
  • In my opinion, when describing a dish, the poetry of words transforms into flavours. The visual impact and colours upon the plate are lost in a lively, everevolving emotion.
  • Guided by the pull of un principe d’émotions , I have made cuisine a means of expression, a language, one I prefer to be frank and direct, with dishes that replace words in reaching straight to the heart. 
  • My cuisine is art. It is love. It is technique.