Pierre Gagnaire

The world’s celebrated chef is tantalising our tastebuds in Dubai
Tuesday , 09 February 2010
Pierre Gagnaire

Concocting creative cuisine that in his own words ‘looks towards tomorrow but is mindful of yesterday,’ lies at the centre of Pierre Gagnaire’s extraordinary ethos concerning cooking, and what has earned him three Michelin stars and his status as one of the world’s top chefs.

Criticised by some for his experimental methodology, the flamboyant Frenchman makes no apology for his ambitious approach to haute cuisine. “ My customers have enough stress and pressure during their days, that when they come to us, they want to relax and be comfortable in the knowledge that they are going to be having a good time with us and walk away happy after having a fun experience.”

He has definitely witnessed a shift in his clients’ expectations over the last year though: “There’s no point in ceremony and glamour if the food is not of good enough quality. That is what people are looking for today – quality food made with quality ingredients. If they are going to pay over the odds for a tomato soup, they want to know that we used six different varieties of tomatoes and they have all been grown in my garden and bought here from France.”

Adding to his portfolio of international restaurants that include Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Pierre opened Reflets by Pierre Gagnaire at the InterContinental, Festival City eighteen months ago, and says of his latest project:“ I didn’t choose Dubai, Dubai chose me. I was drawn to the incredible energy of the country like a magnet - you can feel it from the moment you step off the plane. It grabs you and sucks you in – it’s incredible to be a part of it.”