Il Borro

Piero Giglio

29 Mar 2018

A food and beverage guru, who has recently worked his magic at what is now one of Dubai's most popular restaurants

  • I am the General Manager of Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai and the Director of Operations for OIG. I’ve been doing this job over 20 years across London, Miami and Dubai. I love it, because I love interacting with people and socialising at work.
  • During the past year, all my efforts and energy were focused on Il Borro Tuscan Bistro. Why? It’s like my bespoke suit… The brand’s pillars and philosophy reflect my personality, my love and passion for what I do. The Dubai restaurant business is highly competitive. Therefore, seeing our brand becoming recognisable and loved in this market has been the highlight of the year.
  • I love Dubai. It’s a safe city, the booming hospitality industry leads the economy here, it’s fast changing and an international place. After Miami, Dubai gave me the possibility to consolidate my expertise in the industry and start a new path career. 
  • I admire all the friends I know who are successful and brilliant in their career. I believe in myself, I know my weaknesses as well as my strengths and I practise selfcare every day.