Philipp Plein Style Comes To Dubai!

17 Oct 2012

Ahlan! chats to the fashion designer and hottie who opens his first Dubai store this week!

Philipp Plein is opening stores across the world, but he tells us it’s Dubai he find the most exciting. “I think Dubai is a very special place. It’s a new, upcoming city where everything is just starting. I couldn’t wait to have a store here.” The store in The Dubai Mall is complete with a giant Swarovski crystal skull. “The skull symbol has become the iconic image of my brand. To me, it represents the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle that the brand is about,” he says.

Lindsay Lohan, Ed Westwick and Mischa Barton have all been brand ambassadors, but Philipp likes to design for everyone. “It’s always great for celebrities to wear my designs as it helps the collection get out there. But I am designing for the people,” he dished.

We asked Philipp what we can expect next from him. “I’m very excited about my new advertising campaign with famous photographer Terry Richardson. It’s happening at the end of the month, and Ed Westwick is the face of this! Things are happening all the time and the brand is moving along so fast.” Well we can’t wait to see what Philipp does next, and in the meantime head down to his store in The Dubai Mall to see what all the fuss is about!

What is your favourite piece from your latest collection?
I love all the pieces but of course there are always some that stand out. I love the men’s jeans and the high heels for women are amazing! My favourite pieces change with my mood!

Are there any other areas you want to explore?
I’m also working on a furniture range. That was how I started my business all those years ago. I love designing furniture so I hope I can continue to do that as well as my clothing line.

What are you top tips for this season?
My top style tip for this season, or any season in fact is to always wear what you feel good in. I think it’s important to be aware of trends, but there are so many brands out there that you should experiment with and wear what suits your style. Also don’t be afraid to try new things.

Your spring/summer show in Milan was great this season; can you tell us about the story behind it?
I had British rock band Topical playing. I like to make my show different from any other on the catwalk. It was all about enhancing the rock ‘n’ roll of the brand. I always make sure the show is the last in the day and we have a huge party afterwards. It is important to me to throw a bash to celebrate the new collection.

Why choose The Dubai Mall for your latest store?
The Dubai Mall is one of the most famous malls in the world and so many people want to visit, from every corner of the globe, so what better place to open a store.