Phil Griffiths

Phil Griffiths

21 Nov 2019

The co-founder of Nomad Productions directed the first UAE-based reality show on ESPN, Fighting Fit Dubai

•As I was born in the Abu Dhabi Corniche hospital, and spent my childhood here, the UAE has always been my second home. Then I returned with my wife, Zoë, ten years ago and set up Nomad out of our living room and saw the company grow into what it has become today – the UAE has also given us so much as a family. Whether its friends, opportunities, experiences or the lifestyle; we’ve been extremely fortunate.

•We recycle in our house and my kids love the ‘use and reuse’ ethos. We have created video content in the past to create more awareness, but when I look at the younger generation I must admit I feel a little ashamed that our generation has not done more. After watching the documentary, Changemakers, I am trying a plant-based diet for now.

•A highlight this year was completing the third season of Fighting Fit Dubai. As always, it was hard going for everyone; contestants, coaches and crew alike. However, seeing the positive changes in the contestants, both mentally and physically is always so rewarding. Away from work, finding out Zoë was pregnant for a third time was pretty awesome too!

•Hard workers, weirdos, geeks, passionate people and those that achieve things despite others saying they have no right to do it, inspire me.

•I also like walking. Good things come from a proper walk; wherever you are.