Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams' Happiness Hit by Lawsuit

23 Aug 2014

Hitmaker and producer being sued for abandoning YouTube channel

Pharrell Williams is busy! Let's face it, the life of a super successful producer, singer and songwriter can be stressful at times, but that doesn't mean, commitments should be neglected.

The producer of Williams' YouTube show ARTST TLK is suing the the Marilyn Monroe hitmaker for abandoning the project to become a judge on The Voice.The first season of the show was a major success, featuring interviews with Usher and Spike Lee, so obviously the unnamed co-creator was hoping for more.

But when you get an offer to be a judge on The Voice panel, you can't say no! Pharrell joined The Voice earlier this year and he allegedly made it clear that his exclusive deal with the talent contest's producers would veto his YouTube interviews.

But the producer claims he spent $1 million in the project - and now he wants his money back from Pharrell. Williams' representative declines the allegations of William's abandoning the show in bad blood with, "This is complete nonsense. It's unfortunate when you try to help a friend and they wind up trying to take advantage of you."