Petrol Prices Up by 5 Per Cent in the UAE

The prices have increased for third month in a row
ByDeepa NarwaniTuesday , 31 May 2016
Petrol Prices Up by 5 Per Cent in the UAE
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According to a recent report in Emirates 24/7, there has been a hike in the retail price of petrol for the month of June in the UAE.

From June 1, Special grade petrol (95 octane) will reportedly retail at Dhs1.75 per litre, an increase of 4.79 per cent from Dhs1.67 a litre in May.

While Super (98 octane) grade will sell at Dhs1.86 per litre, up 4.49 per cent from Dhs1.78 per litre. The price of E Plus gasoline (91 octane) has increased to Dhs1.68 per litre, a rise of 5 per cent from Dhs1.60 per litre.

On the other hand, Diesel will now retail at Dhs1.77 a litre from Dhs1.60 a litre, up 10.63 per cent.

The report highlighted that since the beginning of 2016, petrol and diesel prices had continued to decline in the first three months, but have been on rise since April. 

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