Pete's Kiss and Tell

Singer to reveal all in new book
Sunday , 17 August 2008
Pete's Kiss and Tell

PETE DOHERTY is to detail his relationship with his supermodel ex KATE MOSS in a new Babyshambles book.

The official tome will reportedly capture "the euphoric highs and the depressing lows" of the group since they formed in 2004.

And while the release will focus heavily on frontman Doherty's troubled love life - including his split from the supermodel last year - and his struggle to kick his drug habit, drummer ADAM FICEK insists there will be other aspects to the book for fans to look forward to.

He says, "There's a lot of stuff regarding him and Kate's relationship, there's a lot of stuff regarding his view on the no-shows, his view on drugs, his view on the arrests and persecution, relationships with band members.

"But the good thing about it is, it's not a Peter book. It's a book from our perspective as well, about how it affects us."

The as-yet-untitled book will hit shop shelves in November.

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