Peter and Emily

Peter Andre Wants to Marry His New Girlfriend

30 Oct 2012

Peter Andre has revealed he is so in love with his new girlfriend Emily MacDonagh he is thinking about marrying her

Peter Andre is ready to marry his new girlfriend. The 39-year-old singer has only been dating Emily MacDonagh - who, at 23, is 16 years younger than him - for three months but he is convinced she is the right woman for him and admits he hasn't been this happy for years.

Peter - who met the Australian beauty after her father Ruaraidh, a urology consultant, performed emergency surgery on him to remove kidney stones two years - told The Sun newspaper: ''Before, I was dating and going out and having fun, but I felt empty. Very early on in our relationship, I felt that gap had been filled - this is the happiest I have been in years. Emily's amazing. It's still early stages and it's going great so I don't want to jinx it. But I miss her when I'm not with her. I just love spending time with her. She is my breath of fresh air. And I've always wanted to remarry, settle down and have more kids.''

Peter - who has two children, Junior, seven, and Princess Tiaamii, five, with his ex-wife Katie Price - has even written a song about Emily on his new album Angels and Demons.

He revealed: ''Fly Away is all about Emily. That song is exactly about us. The only things I have done that are personal are the positive things.''

Peter's feelings for his new girl have even convinced him to scrap a planned boys-only trip to Las Vegas next year to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Instead, the Behind Closed Doors hitmaker is going to do something else to mark his special day which includes Emily.

He said: ''I've decided not to go to Vegas, as all the stuff I'd have done, I'd have done as a single guy. But I feel I'm turning 30, I don't think I look 40. Age is just a number. If you are 80 and rocking it in nightclubs you might have to think twice - but turning 40 to me is nothing.''

Peter's former spouse Katie split from her fiance, Argentinean model Leandro Penna, last week after a two-year relationship.