Perricone Diet

The one with the no diet 'diet' plan to good nutrition
Monday , 02 May 2011
Perricone Diet
Courteney Cox

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WHAT’S INVOLVED: Technically, it may not be dubbed a diet, since the aim of Dr Perricone’s plan isn’t actually weight loss. Instead, it’s designed to promote a balanced and nutritional approach to eating. The doctor claims that by following the eating plan you will not only fight off disease but benefit from a healthy-looking body and skin - Dr Perricone believes eating certain foods leads to aged and wrinkled skin. However, you won’t achieve results without making a few sacrifices - certain comfort foods are banned, including: hard cheese, bread, beef, coffee, pasta, sugar, breakfast cereals, flour, raisins, mangoes, carrots and potatoes!


  • To get your hands on one of Dr Perricone’s books to get to grips with what you can eat and how you should be eating it
  • With no cereal, cheese or coffee in your diet we’re guessing you’re going to need major willpower

VERDICT: According to Dr Perricone, his approach to nutrition helps decrease inflammation of organs, thus slowing down ageing. He also claims it improves metabolism, lifts the mood and makes you less susceptible to heart disease. While some of his theories sound extreme no one has disputed them, as of yet… Ryan Penny, Clinical Nutritionist and Conditioning Coach for The Wellness Brothers, offers his advice: “The idea of eating to reduce the inflammatory response in the body is one that certainly finds support from people who recognise that inflammation underlies most chronic disease in the body. Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancer are all examples. All nutrition is a help-hurt transaction, with the goal being to eat in a way that helps most and hurts the least. The problem is that over the years, there has been a shift away from what is ‘satisfying’ for the body towards what is primarily ‘satisfying’ for the mind. The ideal order of food being first ‘fuel’ and then ‘fun’ has been reversed in favour of eating what is convenient and tastes best. We will worry about the consequences later. The result has been the obesity epidemic, premature ageing and a host of other chronic diseases. This diet targets ‘wellness’ through reducing inflammation and thus slowing down the ageing process, which has a weight-loss benefit along for the ride. Overall, some good principles, but no doubt hard to stick to for a generation who lives to eat rather than eats to live, and one that can be very expensive due to the many supplements that form part of it.”

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