Penne in Crema Di Gorgonzola Zafferano Rucola E Pepe Rosa

05 Dec 2011

Who's up for Penne pasta with cream of gorgonzola, saffron, rocket and pink pepper?

400g penne
50g butter
250g gorgonzola dolce latté
3 tbsp single whipping cream
1 tsp of crushed saffron
Freshly ground multi pepper
3 tbsp fresh medium cut rocket
Few pink peppercorns
Freshly grated Parmigiano

1 Into one large pan add the butter, cream and melt the gorgonzola. Grind in the multi pepper and add the saffron.
2 Cook and drain the penne in a separate saucepan.
3 Add to the original pan with the sauce and mix for a few seconds. Switch off.
4 Add the rocket and pink peppercorns.
5 Serve immediately with the parmigiano.

Dinner party caterer Maurizio Pelli’s grocery shopping tip
It’s a myth that only fresh pasta is considered good enough. Certain pasta dishes demand the use of dry pasta, others fresh egg or wheat flour pasta. Tradition or the Italian region dictate which to use when, so you need to check your recipe book. In Maurizio’s two recipes here, the sauces are quite light and he has used dry pasta.

INFO: This recipe was provided by dinner party caterer Maurizo Pelli. To book call 050 428 2289