Penelope to Cruz the high seas

Is she set to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 4?
Sunday , 14 February 2010
Penelope to Cruz the high seas

Not sure how Keira Knightley’s going to feel about this, but Pirates fans everywhere are hoping the Penelope Cruz rumours are true.

After the British actress relinquished the lead female role in 2008, producers of the blockbuster franchise Pirates of the Caribbean were left with the difficult task of finding a replacement.

But it now looks as though sexy Spanish siren Penelope is keen to be a part of the blockbuster, and to star alongside its lead actor Johnny Depp who plays swashbuckler Captain Jack Sparrow.

While Keira and fellow cast mate Orland Bloom have both quit the films, Johnny has signed on to the fourth instalment for an astronomical $33.6 million (Dhs123.4 million).

Now that's one well-paid pirate!