"Peaches Is Sad"

Kelly Osbourne says shotgun wedding is a ‘cry for help’
Tuesday , 19 August 2008
"Peaches Is Sad"
Peaches with Max

Rock offspring KELLY OSBOURNE has branded PEACHES GELDOF's shock wedding "a cry for help."

The daughter of rocker OZZY believes Peaches’ marriage to MAX DRUMMEY was a desperate bid for attention.

And Kelly admits the recent Las Vegas nuptials bring back memories of her own rebellious teen years.

She says, "It’s all a bit sad to be honest with you.

"If she loves him then good for her, but if it was done for attention, it’s a bit sad.

"I did stuff like that when I was 19 as well, like get a tattoo because it (annoyed) my mum.

"It’s just a great big cry for help and, if anything people, need to stop talking about her badly and, you know, maybe all she needs is a hug."

Peaches married Drummey two weeks ago after a month-long courtship. For daily celebrity news updates sign up to our newsletter www.ahlanlive.com/newsletter