Peaches Geldof’s Audacity

'Fake' comments land daddy's girl in hot water
Wednesday , 16 February 2011
Peaches Geldof’s Audacity

Why? In a recent interview with Company magazine Peaches Geldof stated she hated showbiz parties because they are “fake”. In fact her actual quote was, “Showbiz parties always feel so hollow and fake. I prefer real situations with my real friends. I love weird, out-of-context bars rather than swanky places.”

Now let’s put this into context, 21-year-old Peaches is the daughter of Boomtown Rats legend Bob Geldof and the late TV presenter Paula Yates. And although her CV cites her as a socialite (is that really a profession?) and a model (the 5ft 7ins ‘star’ was once the body for Ultimo underwear) Peaches is not exactly a celebrity. Her career is built on nepotism, even her brief stints as a guest columnist on various media titles are thanks to being daddy’s girl. So, to then diss the very world in which she doesn’t belong to is, well, quite frankly impudent. You may find them fake darling but you shouldn’t even be at them in the first place!

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