Peaches Flashes Wedding RIng

Boomtown Brat steps out for first time since Vegas wedding
Thursday , 14 August 2008
Peaches shows off her vintage wedding ring
Peaches shows off her vintage wedding ring
Peaches' wedding ring close up
Peaches' wedding ring close up

PEACHES GELDOF has stepped out showing off her antique wedding ring after her marriage to MAXWELL DRUMMEY.

The wild child daughter of SIR BOB GELDOF emerged from her London flat and told reporters she was “very happy” about her wedding to the 23-year-old Harvard graduate who drums for the band Chester French.

But sources close to the Geldofs say Sir Bob – who himself married Peaches’ mother PAULA YATES in a Vegas ceremony - was stunned when he was told the news just 15 minutes before the wedding took place.

The source says: “Her dad was understandably shocked when she called from Vegas and told him she was getting married. He had all the questions about Max that any father would.

“But Peaches was defiant, reassured him he was a really nice lad who went to Harvard and was not into drugs. She basically said she was doing it anyway, and that she hoped she could have his support.

“Bob realised she was going to get hitched anyway. He said ‘On this one, you're on your own. You've made your bed and now you lie in it’.

“Bob told her that she's 19 now, that she lives away from home and is old enough to learn from the decisions she makes.

“He told her there would be massive flak from the newspapers - but she just said it would be good for her career. Peaches said she knew what she was doing, that marriage was a step towards stability.

“She didn't miss out the chance to remind him that her and her mum had a rock and roll wedding in Vegas.

“The bottom line is that Bob said he would be there to pick up the pieces if it all went wrong. But all that has made Peaches even more determined to make the marriage work.'

She was wearing an antique ring on her wedding finger — a different one to the plastic-looking band she had on when she arrived.

She first met Drummey two years ago but started going out with him in July, after meeting up when she hosted ITV2’s coverage of the iTunes festival.

The news of their marriage is said to have stunned Peaches’ ex, singer FARIS BADWAN, who apparently thought they were still an item

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