Payal Mehta

The designer adorning VIP debutantes with her jewellery
Wednesday , 23 March 2016
Payal Mehta
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Payal Mehta
• Moving to Dubai in 2015 made it possible for me to launch a showroom for my jewellery collection, Payal New York, in the UAE. It’s also meant that I’ve been able to show my jewellery in my hometown of Ahmedabad, India. Jewellery is not just an adornment in this part of the world, it’s a part of a culture that’s committed to exchanging gifts on special occasions. 
• Another highlight of the past year was my participation in Le Bal des Débutantes in Paris, which is a fashion-forward social event where young women from families connected to European aristocracy, Hollywood, and global leaders, come to have a very special experience as debutantes. I created one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery for each girl, and tried to give them the experience of couture. This was the first time in Le Bal’s history that a jeweller was invited to work with the debs. 
• I would say my experiences of living on different continents, along with my love of fashion and art, have inspired the designs for my collections. I wanted to create beautiful unique pieces that offer the best in terms of quality, and once I started doing this, using the resources I have, it all fell into place. It’s now my dream to establish myself as a well-known designer in the UAE.  
• My mother has influenced me greatly – I’ve seen her constantly strive and survive and for this I will always admire her, as she has taught me that I can fall a hundred times and still get right back up. 
• From a professional perspective, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, without a doubt, has probably influenced me most. He has changed so many lives. I can be so many things because of his technological advances. He has changed how we work. I can be a mother, a wife, a daughter and a designer, and Jobs’ creations make all of these roles much more fluid. Plus, the things he designed are beautiful too – aesthetics matter!
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