womens parking abu dhabi

Parking Just Got A Lot Easier For Women In Abu Dhabi

09 Aug 2018

Women are being "urged" to use the spaces

The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi is encouraging females to make use of the 182 female-only parking spaces, built exclusively for them

These parking bays were built to provide the women of Abu Dhabi with privacy and to make finding a space easier. 

They are clearly indicated with a pink signage to prevent others from mistaking them for normal spaces.

The 182 pink parking spaces are spread out across the city of Abu Dhabi and located in the following areas:
26 behind Liwa Center
18 in Corniche area
28 behind Zakher Hotel
18 behind Health Authority
26 on Liwa Street
25 behind Al Noor Hospital
41 in Al Dana area

Warn all your male friends to keep out of these! If caught with their vehicles here, they will face a Dhs500 fine from the Mawaqif inspectors and have their vehicle impounded.