SHOCK VIDEO: Sobbing Paris Hilton pranked in Dubai!

The heiress was told her plane was going to crash during cruel joke. See her reaction!
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 28 June 2015
SHOCK VIDEO: Sobbing Paris Hilton pranked in Dubai!
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Paris Hilton thought she was going to die...

There’s funny, and then there is taking things a step too far. That’s exactly what happened to poor Paris Hilton when she got pranked during her recent trip to Dubai.

Paris was pranked by Egyptian actor Ramez Galal for a TV special, and let’s just say we wouldn’t be very happy with him if we were Paris. After making her think she was about to die in a plane crash over the Marina, he managed to convince her to see the joke afterwards and laugh it off.

See her shocked reaction in the video below…

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