Paris' party bash

Hilton's boyfriend fights over the heiress
Sunday , 21 February 2010
Paris' party bash

Paris Hilton knows how to get attention but when she celebrated her 29th birthday with beau Doug Reinhardt we bet she didn’t expect this kind of added attention.

Reinhardt took the heiress to New York hot spot the Tea Room to celebrate her special day before being interrupted by oil heir Brandon Davis. Paris who has been linked to Brandon romantically was said to be furious about the bust up and stormed off to leave the boys to fight it out.

So was it a lover’s feud or just a tiff between friends? Either way Doug and Brandon were certainly causing a stir.

An onlooker said "one minute, Paris and Doug were looking all loved up; the next minute, they started bickering. Doug didn't seem happy about all the attention she was getting. Paris started to pout and gave him some girly punches in the back before storming off."

"The next minute, Doug was shouting at Brandon. The music was so loud that we couldn't hear what he was saying, but he then got Brandon thrown out of the door."

In true Paris style she ended the night with a paparazzi smile and walked away with a birthday to remember.