Paris' Naked Strip Tease

08 Jun 2009

Just what is the truth behind those Las Vegas party rumours?

PARIS HILTON has denied rumours she once stripped off at a Las Vegas party to dance naked in front of wealthy businessmen - calling the stories a "complete fabrication".

The star, who was involved in a sex tape scandal in 2004, is at the centre of accusations she once joined a group of strippers in Sin City to shed her clothes in front of other partygoers.

Elizabeth Jawhary claims on that Hilton once "flew down to Vegas. We partied pretty hard. (Men would) pay for girl-on-girl action. I'd be there. And they'd pay to watch. Paris got naked, and the girls would get naked."

Jawhary insists that, unlike the other girls, Hilton never accepted any money for the striptease.

But a representative for the socialite has dismissed the claims, insisting rumours of the star stripping in Las Vegas are completely false.

The rep tells the New York Daily News, "(The reports are) totally untrue and a complete fabrication."

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