Paris Hilton Terrified of Online Threats

Socialite goes to police after receiving scary messages through social media
ByClaire GlasbyThursday , 04 December 2014
Paris Hilton Terrified of Online Threats
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Paris Hilton

Paris Hiliton has opened up about a police investigation into threats sent to her online, branding the drama "frightening".

The socialite filed a report with police alleging she had received a barrage of nasty messages through her social media accounts, and cops in Los Angeles have obtained a warrant to track down the perpetrator. Hilton’s father, Rick Hilton, was also on the receiving end of abusive messages. One message from an unidentified man wrote, "One month and she's dead, she's never coming home", while another message aimed at her father said, “I’ll beat u and that b**** to unconscious.”

Hilton has now spoken out about the "scary" situation and thanked the authorities for stepping in.

She told US news show Entertainment Tonight, "We recently filed a police report because the threats were getting out of control, getting more frequent and more intensive each time... It's a frightening and scary experience for anyone and so we decided to take steps to protect our family. Hopefully now the authorities are aware they can help put an end to this."

The latest nightmare for the reality star comes just one month after an ex-hacker apologised to Hilton for leaking compromising images of her. 

Cameron Lacroix, who has just started a four-year prison sentence for his crimes, published Hilton’s phonebook and messages online, as well as a collection of nude images. He says hacking gave him a sense of fame, especially when the Hilton images went viral. “I wanted to be a celebrity,” he said. "It was mind-blowing for me… I felt famous."

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