Paris and Nicky before she was detained in Tokyo said "Just landed in Tokyo with my BFF/Sis"

Paris Hilton rejected at airport

21 Sep 2010

Japanese officials ban her from country

Paris Hiltonwas due to make a scheduled appearance in Tokyo on Tuesday (September 21) to promote her latest fashion range but she faced serious problems when she landed in the country. The heiress who faced court just hours before her flight was convicted of two misdemeanor drug convictions which caused officials in Japan to question her intentions to travel. "She was questioned by a Tokyo customs officer for many hours to determine whether they should allow her to enter Japan as they can reject people convicted by drug cases to enter our country,” a source has reported.

As a result of her convictions Paris was forced to check into an airport hotel to wait out the decision from airport customs. "It seems at the moment that Japanese customs will not allow her to enter our country due to her arrest for cocaine possession in Las Vegas last month," the source revealed. Paris’ rep also confirmed the story that "Paris Hilton was delayed by immigration authorities at a Japanese airport this evening after arriving for business obligations planned many months earlier.”

Paris was due to launch her new fashion range with sister Nicky. She tweeted “on my way to my Asia to debut my Fall/Winter Collections. So excited to see all my fans. First stop - Tokyo :).” It appears Tokyo was to be the first and last stop.

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