Paris Hilton taking legal action over TRAUMATIC Dubai prank!

Paris Hilton taking legal action over TRAUMATIC Dubai prank!

01 Jul 2015

Her lawyers say she has a solid case for "emotional distress"

Paris Hilton might be suing the people behind the Egyptian prank show Ramez Wakel Elgaw, as they were apparently responsible for putting her on a plane that appeared to be in crash mode, according to

According to reports, Paris is furious and totally freaked out over the stunt in which a TV crew got the pilot to pretend to shut down the engines in her plane. Paris says she was in mortal fear for her life and might soon be taking legal action against the perpetrators.  

The sources also add that Paris has already called her lawyers to find out who's responsible, and they have apparently told her she has a solid case for "emotional distress".

The Egyptian TV show apparently engineered the prank as they flew over Dubai. Several sources say that Paris was caught totally unaware and believes that no one from her entourage was involved in the prank. They add that the prank was a lot worse than it looked on video. The plane almost hit the water during the dive and then steeply pulled out of the dive.

In the video, Hilton and some other passengers were seen screaming when an alarm went off and the plane descended fast.