Paris Hilton’s Summer Diet Secrets

Healthy diet and strict fitness programme get Paris Hilton back in shape
Paris Hilton’s Summer Diet Secrets
Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky shopping in Paris en route to their St Tropez holiday

After gaining a few extra pounds earlier this year, Paris Hilton is back in a bikini and looking fab, saying that she’s thrilled with the results of her summer diet and exercise regime.

“I’ve been working out and eating healthier and it feels great,” she said. “I’ve been doing Pilates to help keep my body toned, and cardio in the gym. I’m also eating a lean diet with lots of organic fruit, veggies and vitamin juices. I have so much energy.”

Paris had complained of feeling fat on her reality TV show, The World According to Paris. In an episode last month (July 2011) she said, “All girls worry about their weight and I’m no different, except for the fact that when I gain a pound the whole world thinks I’m fat.”

Even if it was only an extra pound or two, it was enough to motivate Paris to overhaul her lifestyle. And the results showed, as she modelled bikinis for a photo shoot on Malibu beach before jetting off to St Tropez on holiday with her sister Nicky at the weekend (6 August 2011). “I feel really great right now and so happy; I'm having an amazing summer,” Paris said.

Way to go, girl: it’s about being fit and healthy, not starving yourself!