Paris Fashion Week Report

14 Mar 2013

The fashion season came to an end this week as fashionistas and celebs flocked to Paris

In our opinion Paris Fashion Week is always the most glamorous leg of the shows, and this season didn’t disappoint. There were plenty of celebrities in town, hoping to get a look at what they’ll be wearing next season. And on the front row everyone was talking about H&M’s catwalk debut, and Karl Lagerfeld suggested he’s aiming for world domination at Chanel!

Set in a beautiful giant greenhouse location, complete with an oversized globe; perhaps a metaphor for Lagerfeld’s world domination, the Chanel show was far from ordinary! Tweed was key – woven with metallic thread, it was the base for most outfits. Models wore furry helmets, and punk-inspired leather biker boots with custom-made over-the-knee socks. Colours were a combination of pastels and greys, perfect for the winter months. Another triumph for the iconic brand!

Christian Dior
Christian Dior’s shows are always pure elegance, and this season was no different, with a glamorous front row including Olivia Palermo and Marion Cotillard. Origami-shaped dresses were decorated with Pop-Art prints and motifs, and there was an Oriental feel, combined with 1960’s Andy Warhol and a touch of Hollywood glamour. It was ladylike yet fun and the colours were gorgeous with blues and pinks leading the way. Gorge!

When Kimye rocked up in matching monochrome suits, the Givenchy show was always going to be exciting, but the front row wasn’t the only thing worth gossiping about – the clothes were fabulous! The show opened with our personal favourite: a Bambi printed sweatshirt. Models wore striped snakeskin boots and Oriental printed dresses and jackets. Fabrics were layered to create a 3D effect and bring some texture to the stylish collection.

Louis Vuitton
The set of the Louis Vuitton autumn/winter show mirrored that of a grand Hollywood hotel. With models entering and exiting the catwalk through what looked like hotel room doors. The glamourous ladies glowed in a muted colour palette of blues and pastel pinks, wearing pyjama inspired looks. One word: elegant.