Paris' Dubai Dream

17 Jun 2009

Socialite sets her sights on Dubai hotel and club

PARIS HILTON has revealed she wants to open her own hotel and nightclub in Dubai!

After being in the Emirate less than 24 hours the blonde beauty said she had fallen in love with the city and will be looking at potential properties during her two-week stay.

At a press conference last night Paris, dressed in a billowing green, abiya-inspired dress and gold headdress, told reporters she was excited about the potential opportunities the city held.

"I'm here to expand my business. I would love to open a hotel and nightclub so I might check out some properties while I'm here," she said.

The hotel heiress also gushed about how much she was enjoying her Dubai experience so far.

"Dubai is hot! Like literally hot and hot, hot," she said.                           

"This is somewhere I've wanted to come for a long time. I've never been anywhere in the Middle East so I think this will be an amazing experience. I look forward to going to other places in the Middle East as well.

"People don't really know how great it is here and I want to show people through my show people what an amazing place this is. Everyone's been so kind and generous, it's a beautiful place. I'm so excited."