Paris And LiLo’s Shock Reunion

Family’s fear after the troubled star goes back to her partying ways
Monday , 01 August 2011
Paris And LiLo’s Shock Reunion
Actress Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan

Just days after completing her 35 day home arrest sentence for probation violation, friends and family of Lindsay Lohan are thought to be worried that she is set to go off the rails once more after reuniting with her former party pal Paris Hilton.

The pair have reportedly patched up their differences after LiLo was invited to a private beach party held by the socialite in her Malibu home. A source said, “Lindsay was spotted at the intimate gathering joining guests such as Emma Roberts, Inception star Lukas Haas and the socialite’s designer sister, Nicky.”

Adding, “Everyone was so surprised when Lindsay walked in, we thought they didn’t get along. But they immediately gave each other a big hug.”

The friends allegedly fell out after LiLo became regularly embroiled in a string of legal troubles, during which time Paris poked fun at the troubled star, making a jibe about the alleged necklace theft incident. However, the Hilton heir later apologised for her insensitive joke, which Lindsay branded “mean”, insisting, “You don’t have to make fun of serious matters in people’s lives to be funny.”

Yet, it seems all has been forgiven and forgotten with the stars looking like BFFs again at the A-list party, which, according to some sources, has left LiLo’s family fearing she’s returned to her old ways. The star was snapped leaving the bash looking bleary eyed and arm in arm with notorious womaniser Brett Tucker.

Before Paris and LiLo split they were renowned for their wild behaviour, which cost Lindsay film roles, and could now stop her from getting her career back on track. Her antics have cost her jobs in the past with the star kicked off films such as Inferno. A source said at the time, “You violate probation and have to take an extended stay in rehab…you lose. Despite previous assurances that the production was waiting for Lindsay, Inferno director Matthew Wilder said his Linda Lovelace biopic is moving on without her.”

With Paris’ party being the third bash the newly freed star has attended in one week it seems her career is in serious trouble with her lawyer revealing her Screen Actors Guild coverage has lapsed due to lack of work, meaning she has no health insurance coverage.

While befriending Paris may get her more access to Hollywood’s parties it won’t give her the work she needs.