Paris’ burglary scare

15 Nov 2009

Socialite fears she may have been targeted again

PARIS HILTON faced yet another burglary scare on Friday - when Los Angeles police unexpectedly visited her home upon finding its high-security entrance gate suspiciously open.

The hotel heiress was devastated when thieves targeted her mansion and got away with an estimated $2 million worth of gems last year.

Local cops recently arrested a group of teenagers believed to be responsible for a spate of burglaries in the area, and managed to return some of Hilton's stolen jewellery, and police are keeping a close eye on Hilton's home since the incident.

According to, authorities noticed Hilton's front gate was left ajar while driving through the neighbourhood. Police reportedly proceeded inside the home and questioned a person whose identity has not been revealed to ensure there was no foul play.

As WENN went to press, it was not known if Hilton was home at the time of the questioning.

The socialite revealed last month she has been paranoid since the burglary, and splashed out on thousands of dollars on a new high-tech security system to help put her mind at ease.

She told Radar Online, "I have 24 hour security guarding my home and cameras and alarms everywhere so this will never happen again."