Parfumerie Artistique debuts at Saks Fifth Avenue

21 Nov 2011

Want an air of individuality? Get down to Saks Fifth Avenue to shop at their new niche market perfume counter

For this festive season, Saks Fifth Avenue is unveiling Parfumerie Artistique, a new counter in the cosmetics department featuring fragrances from the niche market for those who want an air of individuality.

The counter features a number of lesser well known perfume brands, including BOIS 1920, Humiecki & Graef, LINARI, Made In Italy and Ineke - we love the BOIS 1920 rose fragrance, which has real staying power.

For the ultimate individuality, try layering your fragances. The trend was started by the noses at Jo Malone and we've been doing it with all our fragrances ever since.   

INFO: Parfumerie Artistique, Saks Fifth Avenue, BurJuman, Dubai.