Parents BEWARE: Abduction attempt at Dubai school!

A local school principal has issued a warning to parents
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 27 October 2015
Parents BEWARE: Abduction attempt at Dubai school!
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The incident happened in Dubai

Parents in the UAE have been advised to be extra cautious following an abduction attempt outside Jumeirah Primary School in Dubai.

Jumeirah College Principal, Simon O’Connor, sent an email to parents on Monday to alert them that two unknown men tried to get a child walking outside Jumeirah Primary School into a car.

The email read: “One of our students, whilst walking outside JPS, was approached by two men in a car. The car was grey with an Abu Dhabi number plate. The passenger began to question the student and suggest the student get in the car. The student ignored him and walked on – at this point the passenger reached for the student. The student acted sensibly and ran away, and the men drove off. The student is safe and well.” He added: “I have also contacted the Police and Principals of other schools locally in order that they are aware of a potential threat.”

Sadly it’s not the first time this has happened. The email stated that the “undoubtedly unpleasant incident” was “sadly not the first of its kind”. 7Days newspaper reports that Jumeirah College sent out a similar warning to parents in 2011 regarding “suspicious individuals”.

A spokesperson for GEMS, the operator of Jumeirah College, told 7Days newspaper: “An incident did occur earlier today. No children were harmed, but the matter has been reported to the relevant authorities.”

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