The parent trap

Pushy, fame-hungry, greedy and that's just the celeb parents...
Wednesday , 09 January 2008
Celeb Kids, Relationships
Celeb Kids, Relationships
Celeb Kids, Relationships
Celeb Kids, Relationships
Celeb Kids, Relationships
Celeb Kids, Relationships
Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson

Still recovering from the news that Britney Spears' 16-year-old sister Jamie-Lynn is pregnant? Well, we reveal how some of Hollywood's most troubled stars have one thing in common - over-zealous parents! Are some of our favourite stars just victims of their parents' failed dreams? Ahlan! investigates the mums and dads who have pushed their children to destruction!

The Spears case

The Accused:Lynne Spears

The Victims:Britney and Jamie-Lynn

The Case:When troubled Britney Spears dramatically broke down and shaved her hair off last year, Hollywood-watchers blamed Lynne for
piling on the pressure that forced Brit to crack.

Even Brit declared she "didn't have a mom anymore" when she issued Lynne with a restraining order last June.

And the Gimme More singer, who was enrolled in dance lessons aged three and beauty pageants at five, isn't the only one who's been affected by Lynne's ambitions, as 16-year-old Jamie-Lynn now faces motherhood.

Lynne, who had allowed the Zoey 101 star to live with her 19-year-old boyfriend, is being accused of making money off Jamie-Lynn, by encouraging her to sell her story to a US mag.

"[Brit's dad] put his foot down and refused to take any money and ‘profit off of his children'. [But] Lynne didn't care," said a source.

The Hilton Case
The Accused
: Kathy Hilton

The Victim:Paris

The Case:
While most parents would be mortified if an intimate home video of their daughter was leaked on the Net, sources close to the Hilton clan reveal that Kathy saw One Night In Paris as a great way to launch Paris as a celeb.

And the fame-hungry 48-year-old, who was desperate to be an actress, was blamed by many for allowing Paris to court controversy, which ultimately resulted in her prison sentence, last June.

"Kathy was absolutely pushy, arrogant, condescending and presumptuous - Paris picked that up from her," revealed a source close to the family. "[Kathy] wanted her girls to be in the limelight," added another source. "She put Paris in make-up and allowed her into nightclubs from a young age."

The Jackson case
The Accused:
Joe Jackson

The Victim:Michael

The Case:
The original ‘Dad-ager', Joe Jackson, launched his son's career by managing the The Jackson 5, but became notorious for being the strictest dad in showbiz, even confessing to beating his kids.

And, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Pop', who revealed he used to be sick at the thought of visiting his failed musician father, spilled how his dad wouldn't even let him take a break from recording so he could play.

"I remember going to the record studio and there was a park across the street," he said. "And I'd see all the children playing and I would cry because it would make me sad that I'd have to work instead."

The Lohan case
The Accused:
Dina Lohan

The Victim:Lindsay

The Case:Self-proclaimed "white Oprah", Dina Lohan, is so desperate for fame that she even took cameras on a trip to visit her daughter in rehab.

And having begun filming her reality show Mom-ager, which follows LiLo's siblings, Ali, 14, and Cody, 11, as they enter stardom, insiders have spilled how pushy former-dancer Dina is.

"She totally messed up Lindsay by making her a ‘star' and living vicariously through her," blasted one source. "And now she's going to do the same to the other two."

The Culkin case

The Accused:
Kit Culkin

The Victim:Macaulay

The Case:When Macaulay shot to stardom after Home Alone, his dad Kit became his manager, signing his son up for back-to-back movies and becoming known as one of Hollywood's most overbearing ‘stage fathers'. A reputation that got worse as Kit, a former actor, started making demands, which included control over Macaulay's movies and parts for his other children, Quinn and Kieran.

The Church case
The Accused
: Maria Church

The Victim:Charlotte

The Case:
She began as the ‘Voice Of An Angel', but quickly descended into a whirlwind of scandal and controversy with her unruly behaviour, leaving critics to point the finger at Charlotte's mother Maria, for not reigning in her daughter as fame beckoned.

And the singer has described her mum as "young and so gorgeous." Adding, "Mum's more like my sister."

The Barrymore case
The Accused:
Jaid Barrymore

The Victim:

The Case:She found fame at seven, after starring in ET. By nine she had a drinking problem, by 10 she was taking drugs and before she was 15 she'd attempted suicide, been to rehab, written an autobiography and divorced her mum.

"One day I was a little girl and the next day I was this seven-year-old who was expected to be going on a mature 29," revealed Drew.

And the troubles faced by the Charlie's Angel star, who celebrated her 10th birthday in a New York club, left Tinseltowners wondering why Jaid didn't stop her wild behaviour.

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