Papaya Salad and Barbecue Chicken

05 Dec 2011

The prestigious Four Seasons hotel shows you how to make a five-star two-course meal at home

Robustly flavoured, aromatic and prepared with passion, Thai cuisine has gained a following all over the world. A perfect harmony of distinct ingredients come together to create unique flavours that are spiced to suit every palate. Evolving over the centuries, both Western and Eastern influences can be seen in the Thai cuisine, visible in the differences in cooking style across the country. Bringing you the full range of Thai cuisine, the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok and the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, shares speciality dishes from the northern and southern parts of Thailand as demonstrated by Chef Supanut Khanarak and Chef Pitak Srichan, one of the instructors at the cooking school at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai.

Papaya Salad

200g green papaya
40g ground roasted peanuts
50g palm sugar
25g long beans
5g bird's eye chilli
50g lime juice
20g garlic
40g fish sauce
30g dried shrimp
30g cherry tomato

Serves: 2

1. Pound the garlic, chillies, dried shrimp and peanuts.
2. Add the lime juice, fish sauce and palm sugar and mix.
3. Add the papaya, long beans, cherry tomatoes and chillies and pound lightly. Serve with cucumbers.


Barbeque chicken

1kg chicken drumsticks
40g chopped lemongrass
40g chopped coriander root
40g white pepper powder
40g soy sauce
40g oyster sauce
40g white sugar

Serves: 2

1. Mix all ingredients for the sauce in a pot.
2. Blend the lemongrass and coriander root finely.
3. Toss the sauce well, with the chicken.
4. Leave the chicken to marinate in a refrigerator for at least six hours.
5. Char-grill the chicken over a low heat until it’s done, turning lightly brown.
6. Arrange on a serving dish with papaya salad.

Chef in the making
If you want to refine your cooking skills further you can attend the cooking school at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, which introduces guests – both novice and experienced cooks – to the art of Thai cuisine. Designed by the resort’s culinary team, the programme offers guests a hands-on learning experience.

INFO: This recipe was provided by Thailand’s Four Seasons hotels.