Pancetta-Wrapped Organic Salmon with Lobster, Potatoes, Spinach and Asparagus

29 Jun 2012

Try the Italian treat from Medzo

Serves 6

1.2kg Scottish salmon filet
300g Italian baby spinach
5g lecite (soy-based emulsifier)
600g mashed potatoes
5g fresh chervil
300g pancetta, sliced 
250g green asparagus, blanched
300ml UHT whipping cream
80g Omani lobster, finely chopped (keep shells for stock)
80g onion, finely diced
100g butter
10g salt
6g pepper
250ml lobster stock
Shiso cress, to garnish

Mashed Potato
1.5kg potato
200ml full-cream milk
250g unsalted butter
300ml UHT whipping cream

1. De-bone salmon, remove skin and cut into portions.
2. Thinly slice pancetta and wrap 2 slices around the salmon. Seal it in a hot pan with olive oil then transfer to the oven until cooked. 
3. Fry the finely chopped lobster in a pan with the onion. Add the mashed  potatoes, lobster stock and cream. Keep it on high heat until mixed well and excess liquid cooked through.
4. Sweat the spinach in olive oil with the blanched asparagus and season.
5. Plate a line of mash, spinach in the middle, cut the cooked salmon in ½ and place it on the spinach
6. Add the asparagus, lobster foam, chervil and pancetta.
7. For the lobster foam, add cream, lobster stock, seasoning and lecite.
8. Heat and blend. Check seasoning before serving.

Top Tip: Cook the lobster really well to flavour the stock, which will be used for the mashed potatoes.

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