Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is Tickling Turkeys for Thanksgiving

25 Oct 2012

Pamela Anderson thinks tickling turkeys for Thanksgiving is better than eating them

Pamela Anderson is going to tickle turkeys for Thanksgiving.

The former Baywatch actress - who is a well known animal rights activist - wants to encourage people to stop eating the bird on the annual American holiday, which takes place on the fourth Thursday of November, and will be spending some one-on-one time with animals instead.

She said: ''I go to the Gentle Barn and hang out with the turkeys. I tickle them under the wings and I sit them on my lap, and I feed them pumpkin pie.''

In addition to saving turkeys, Pamela - who was born in Canada where Thanksgiving is celebrated in October - is keen to highlight the plight of the horses in New York who draw carriages of tourists around the city, as she thinks it is an outdated practice.

She told the New York Post newspaper: ''They don't do it in London anymore. They don't do it in Toronto or Paris, and we're still doing it in New York. It seems very behind the times.''

Animal-lover Pamela recently adopted a stray dog from the slums of India, and urged other people to consider doing the same.

She said: ''I'm thrilled to be able to give Pyari a loving home. I already have rescued dogs, and I urge everyone to join me in adopting a homeless dog from their local animal shelter or the streets instead of buying a so-called 'pedigree'.''