A Pain in the Gas!

How to avoid causing a stink like Jessica and Britney...
Wednesday , 10 February 2010
A Pain in the Gas!

Jessica Simpson has never been shy about her, erm, wind problems. Who could forget her brazen declaration to then hubby Nick Lacheyon Newlyweds that, “You love my stinky a**!’ after letting out a shockingly loud bottom burp. And the reality star recently confessed she’s partial to “between the sheets poots,” on US radio. Now it seems Jess’s bloating problem has gotten so bad, she’s even parping at work!

A source at a recent business meeting to discuss Jess’s new denim line spilled, “While one of the executives was speaking in a room full of five people, Jessica let out a very loud fart.” Adding, “Her mother was there, and it prompted her to turn around and yell, ‘Jessica!’ The tension was extreme. No one knew what
to say.”

And Jess is not the only celeb to be plagued by this embarrassing digestive problem. Britney’s former bodyguard, Tony Barretto recently revealed, “She has a farting and burping problem. She does it a lot.” So, what causes excessive wind? And more importantly, how do you stop it? Star Style gets to the bottom of things...

The Main Culprits
A number of factors can lead to intestinal distress, resulting in gas and bloating, with diet being the number one cause. While some people may suffer from an intolerance to specific foods which exacerbate the condition, certain foods are known triggers.

Vegetables that contain the indigestible carb raffinose, such as broccoli, beans and Brussels sprouts can trigger flatulence – which can be reduced by soaking the beans before cooking. Wheat products such as bread, cookies and cake can also lead to gas problems, especially for those with a wheat intolerance, as they can’t digest these products, resulting in fermentation.

Starch And Sugars
Other offenders are starch-laden products, such as potatoes and rice as these cannot be easily broken down by the intestines, leading to gaseous symptoms.

If you’re prone to digestive problems, eat these products sparingly. Likewise with fruits such as apples, prunes and pears which contain sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols can also be found in sugar-free products, so check the label for Xylitol, Maltitol, Sorbitol or Erythritol and avoid them if you’re prone to flatulence.

Fizzy Drinks And Dairy
Unsurprisingly, fizzy drinks can also cause bloating, as the bubbles promote gas formation. And the situation is made worse if you drink through a straw.

If you experience bloating after eating dairy, this could indicate a lactose intolerance. Try taking Lactaid capsules, or cut out dairy from your diet.

Beat The Bloat
Drink peppermint, fennel or ginger tea
Try some yoga classes
Take the fibre supplement Acacia

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