Paid parking has been activated in JLT, but where are the meters?

Motorists are confused
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 06 December 2017
Paid parking has been activated in JLT, but where are the meters?

The signs are up, but the meters aren't!

This is the current cause of confusion in JLT, reports Gulf News. As of now, motorists can only top up via SMS or the RTA's parking app as there are no physical meters in place in the neighbourhood.

The problem with this, is that SMS and the app aren't always reliable, and many prefer the brick and mortar system of payment. They will however, have to conform to more modern methods of payment as there are no plans to install meters in the area.

Paid parking is applicable in the area from 8am-10pm from Saturday to Thursday, and prime parking runs up to 10Dhs per hour in some areas!

The JLT Permit Card and seasonal card parking are both not applicable, and neither is card or coin payment. 

In response to issues motorists in JLT have faced making payments via the SMS and RTA mobile app, an RTA spokesperson said that the payment system is currently being updated, and requested commuters to contact the RTA on 8009090 in case they faced issues whilst making payments.

Have you faced any problems paying for parking in JLT? Let us know in the comments below!

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