The Irish musician rib-tickling his way to success
Wednesday , 05 March 2014
© ITP Images
Ten years from now... I hope that I will still be expressing myself creatively through live performances, studio recordings and unique videos, and maybe even host a radio show

Making his way around the gig circuit in Dubai seemed an unlikely career for the Irish singer and musician when he first arrived in Dubai in 2005 from Canada to work in the drinks export business. However, after taking on board the advice of a former colleague who had recognised his talents for musical comedy and urged him to be confident and ambitious in the pursuit of his dream, father-of-three Declan O’Sullivan took a giant leap of faith and hasn’t looked back since.

Having firmly cemented his status regionally, last year Declan’s alter ego, Paddyman, wowed larger audiences with performances at a number of Rugby clubs in Bahrain and Al Ain, while Barasti invited him to entertain the Rugby 7s crowd and add extra mirth to their NYE celebrations. With over 250 performances under his belt in the last year alone, his popularity peaked following his parody of Gangnam Style called Irish Paddy Style, which was immortalised through a YouTube video that was subsequently picked up by RTé (Irish national television), resulting in 138,000 hits and being voted by viewers as one of the top three video uploads of 2013.