P Diddy the Diva

23 May 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Hitting Cannes with 50 of his nearest and dearest, P Diddy definitely didn't hold back on his entourage

We’re used to P Diddy’s diva ways by now, but it seems Cannes Film Festival organisers are not. The rapper, who has been known to hire ‘perfume sprayers’ to follow him around to spritz his surroundings with his own fragrance, flew into Cannes last week with an entourage of 50!

“Diddy has been a regular at Cannes over the years and is always welcome,” a source revealed. “However, this year he’s arrived with more people than normal, which has proved a bit of a headache to the people in charge of the guest lists.”

Apparently they’re willing to accommodate Diddy and his huge entourage though, because he’s set to lay down some serious cash!

“Diddy is good value... his bar bill always makes an interesting read,” the source added. The King of Bling’s not one to scrimp on partying. He once spent almost Dhs400,000 in a few hours at a London club, where his tab included 17 magnums of Moët and Dom Perignon bubbly. Sounds like quite a night!