Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne Tried Botox Thanks to Simon Cowell

11 Jun 2014

Rocker was inspired by the TV judge to preserve his looks

Veteran rocker Ozzy Osbourne once experimented with Botox after learning music mogul Simon Cowell was a big fan of the face-freezing technique.

The 65 year-old Black Sabbath front man has a lot of respect for the talent show creator (and new father of baby Eric with partner Amanda Silverman) and tried the wrinkle-erasing procedure after learning that the 54 year-old judge of American Idol, Pop Idol and The X Factor used the injections to preserve his looks.

However, the tattoo-loving rock icon was put off by the pain of being prodded with a needle and he never returned for a second session. He said, "(I) like him (Cowell). (He) says what he thinks. I had Botox because he's a big fan of it. But they stick a needle in you and it b**ody hurts, so I didn't do it again."

Ozzy’s wife 61 year-old Sharon Osbourne, also a judge on many of Simon’s reality TV shows, is known to be a fan of botox too, having gushed “'I think that Botox is one of the best things to be created in plastic surgery,' The media personality has previously admitted having spent approximately Dhs1.8 million on plastic surgery, including a gastric band (which resulted in her dropping over 100lbs), eye lift, facelift, tummy tuck, Botox, a full facelift, abdominoplasty amongst other procedures.