Oz Comedian Says Girls Don’t Always Like The Funny Guys

Oz Comedian Says Girls Don’t Always Like The Funny Guys

13 Sep 2013

We catch up with funnyman Fox Klein ahead of his Doha show on Tuesday 17 September

Aussie comedian Fox Klein is heading to Qatar to tickle our funny bones, one of three international comedians who will perform at Punchline Comedy Club at the Hilton Doha on Tuesday 17 September. We caught up with him before the show to find out if being a funny man helps him impress the ladies...

Welcome to Doha!  Is this your first time performing in the Middle East?
Sure is, and I can’t wait!

You’re well known in Oz for your successful solo shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Do you think the Aussie sense of humour goes down just as well when you perform internationally, or are there sometimes ‘lost in translation’ moments?
Yes, there are SO many lost in translation moments! I had to cut about 10 percent of the act for international audiences, just so I don’t confuse people! It works in reverse when visiting comics perform in Australia, so I reckon it’s even.

Most comedians draw from their own lives for material. What are your favourite topics?
Definitely relationships. Luckily, I have no idea how to have one and every time I inevitably mess it up, I get another 20 minutes of material.

We’re big fans of awful one liners here at Ahlan! Qatar. Do you have any really corny ones that always get a groan?
I sure do, but I can’t give them away here – you’ll just have to come along and groan at the show.

Do you think being a comedian helps you get girls?
Yes and no. It helps me to meet girls, but then about a month into a relationship they are always like:  ‘OHHHHH you’re like this ALL the time… see you later!’

Is there any such thing as comedy groupies?
I think people in general are drawn towards people who make them laugh, but throw in the promise of a rocky relationship, never having any money and constantly being away, how can a woman resist?

Most comedians have a story of their worst ever show. Can you share yours?
My worst ever show was a corporate gig that happened at 8am one morning last year in California.  It was for a bunch of businessmen and the guy who booked me wanted me to pretend that I was the new CEO! You know, for a joke, and this was to happen before I did any comedy. Nobody bought it. Nobody laughed. Not even the cheque helped with that one.

What are your plans after Doha?
Heading to the UK for a few months to do a bit of sight-seeing and some shows.

Do you think we will see you back here with Punchline again?
Of course... Wait, the shows are not at 8am, are they? If not, then we’re all good ;)

INFO: QR150 show only or QR350 for dinner and show, dinner served from 7pm, doors to gig open at 8pm and comedy kicks off at 9pm Tue 17 Sep, Hilton Doha, Diplomatic District Street, West Bay, 4423 3333, doha.reservations@hilton.com, www.facebook.com/punchlinemiddleeast