Owen Wilson's Baby Doubt

Is he or isn't he the father of his girlfriend's baby?
Wednesday , 23 February 2011
Owen Wilson's Baby Doubt
Actor Owen Wilson

Just when former troubled star Owen Wilsonfelt like his life was back on track, new shock reports claim the unsuspecting actor may not be the real father of his girlfriend’s new baby.

The surprise news comes just days after the Wedding Crashers actor, who once attempted suicide, announced that his new son Robert and girlfriend Jade Duel had changed him. Owen gushed, “They’re so fragile, but then when it’s your own, all of a sudden you feel a lot more confident. You really have this bond, this real connection with this thing that a month ago wasn’t even here… It’s strange.”

If the rumours that Jade was seeing her ex-boyfriend, Jason Hawryschuk, on the sly while dating the actor turns out to be true the special bond between the proud papa and his son will be destroyed. And with Owen prone to bouts of depression the news could see him spiral out of control. A Hollywood source spilled, “Jade was reportedly seeing her then boyfriend right up until the time she got pregnant. She allegedly did not become exclusive with Owen until she got pregnant.” It is alleged, The boyfriend had no idea about Owen and Owen had no idea about him.

Another source added to the allegations, “Owen first met Jade on a cross-country flight from LA to Washington, DC, in 2009, and their whirlwind affair took off quickly. They were meeting up quite often, and she introduced him to some of her friends. He would fly Jade off to California and Hawaii, but they were definitely not exclusive.”

However the relationship between the 42-year-old star and the 28-year-old Air Marshall was said to have changed, becoming more serious once she announced she was pregnant.

“She immediately started making plans to move to Los Angeles,” revealed the insider. “Jason finally found out about the affair when a co-worker Jade confided in spilled the beans.” ... Poor guy, lets hope he can sort this one out without spiralling out of control again!