Oweis Zahran

Oweis Zahran

21 Nov 2019
By Ahlanlive.com

The sustainability-focused American automotive businessman plans to retire at the tender age of 30

•The highlights of 2019 have been some of the best of my entire career because I have one year left before I retire at the age of 30. This year we made a decision to take my company OWS public on the NASDAQ. That is the highlight of any entrepreneur’s business and career.

•I’m a major believer in our planet’s safety. Businesses are usually so focused on their growth that they forget to ensure it’s not destroying the environment. Unfortunately, having a green recycling symbol about how many tons of “scrap” we keep from going into the landfills isn’t enough. It needs to be more regulated, and not just abused by anyone wishing to create an illusion of being “eco-friendly”, largely driven by PR initiative.

•I’m proud to say that my business was created with the planet in mind as 50 percent of our business is focused around re-manufactured spare parts. Re-manufacturing reduces environmental harm by 97 percent vs new spare parts. Think about how many trees we are now able to save because we re-manufacture that scrap and resell it.

•I would like governments to be more active with their sustainability responsibilities. If regulators were more aggressive, we would all be forced to think about the environment as a fundamental consideration to our business. One that is just as important as growth and economic stability.

•I was told in order to be successful; you must get comfortable with the uncomfortable. That is the single best piece of advice I was given and my decisions and ultimately, success have been built on this advice.