Over 1 Million UAE Residents Drive to Work in Dubai

Dubai's population is up to 3.5 million during the day
ByDeepa NarwaniMonday , 11 July 2016
Over 1 Million UAE Residents Drive to Work in Dubai
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Over one million UAE residents work in Dubai but choose to live in one of the other emirates, showed the latest numbers by the Dubai Statistic Centre (DSC), according to a report in Gulf News.

The number of people working in Dubai and residing in other emirates has reportedly grown by three per cent from 2013 to 2015.

The permanent resident population of Dubai was reported at 2.4 million in 2015, with an additional 1.1 million people driving down to Dubai for work during peak hours from Saturday to Thursday (6.30am to 8.30pm), making Dubai’s population 3.5 million during daytime, the report highlighted.

The report further added that looking at the increase in the cost of living in the last five years, the number of people living outside of Dubai and working in Dubai has been growing and is predicted to continue to rise.

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