Restaurant Review: The Cheesecake Factory, The Dubai Mall

27 Aug 2013

It’s go big or go home at this American franchise

The Cheesecake Factory has got to be one of the biggest openings of the year and big is the recurring theme! It’s in the biggest mall in the UAE, the menu has over 200 items and the portions are, you guessed it, big. You can choose to go light with a soup or salad option, but when there’s a macaroni and cheese burger on the menu, why would you? Said burger is a good-quality, minced US beef sirloin patty topped with a ball of fried mac and cheese. I’ve never quite experienced anything like this gooey, cheesy deliciousness and I fear it has instantly won the title of  “guilty pleasure number one”.

The most popular chicken dish – chicken Madeira – is so big I ate it for dinner and lunch the next day. There’s two flattened chicken breasts topped with melted mozzarella, mushroom and Madeira sauce and asparagus with a side of sinfully creamy mash potatoes. We went all-out Americana, also sampling the corn dogs and the Tex Mex eggrolls. The beef sausages inside the corn batter were super juicy and dunked in the mustard sauce, it evoked that joy that only meat-on-a-stick can. The very tasty Tex Mex eggrolls were packed with chicken, beans, jalapenos and coriander.

The Cheesecake Factory prides itself on making everything from scratch and using top quality ingredients, and you can 100 per cent taste this on every plate. The veggies are crunchy, meats are tender and the independent flavours are all intact. The famous cheesecakes (you can choose from over 30 varieties) are only made in two locations in the US and are flown over to Dubai weekly. I went for the banana cream version with hot fudge sauce – so ridiculously good I ended my meal on a food high. Word to the wise – don’t dare dine in tight clothes or wear anything that requires a belt. You might have to make a wardrobe change during dinner!  

INFO: The Cheesecake Factory, opposite the Aquarium, The Dubai Mall, 04 325 3521,