Amanda Bynes

"Out of Control" Amanda Bynes Refuses to Move Back to LA

23 Mar 2013

Her raunchy tweets to Drake have Amanda Bynes' family worried but she still won't move closer to them

Amanda Bynes' family want her to move back to Los Angeles.

But the troubled starlet - who was recently forced to move out of her New York apartment, after being threatened with eviction - refuses to move back so her concerned family can keep a closer eye on her.

A source close to the family told E! News that the actress's family are extremely worried about her strange behaviour of late, including her raunchy tweets to Drake about her private parts, and are eager for her to move home.

Her family are still hopeful that she will return to her normal self but are ready to step to help her get her life back on track if necessary.

Amanda has had a series of legal troubles in the past few months and in December settled two hit-and-run cases after reaching a civil compromise with her victims, saving herself from a potential 12 months in jail.

Along with her legal troubles, Amanda, 26, was involved in two bizarre episodes in September 2011, locking herself in a store changing room for nearly two hours and refusing to come out and stripping off during a gym class and friends say her parents don't know what to do as Amanda has cut contact with everyone.

The insider explained: "Amanda shut them out and isn't speaking to them. She is doing everything on her own. She has no direction. Amanda is out of control. She won't accept help from anybody . . . She's completely lost."