Oscars A to Z

From the presenters to the snubs, here’s our guide to the Academy Awards
Saturday , 19 February 2011
Oscars A to Z

A for Awkward Moments
No one can forget the cringe-worthy moment at the 2009 Oscars when Jennifer Aniston presented an award and the cameras panned to an uneasy Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Perhaps this year’s awkward moment will go to Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem for their alleged affair.

B for best actress
From Hilary Swank to Kate Winslet and last year’s winner Sandra Bullock, there’s something to be said for the Best Actress curse. Let’s hope this year’s winner doesn’t
fall victim.

C for Colin Firth
He charmed us all at the Dubai International Film Festival last year, so there’s no doubt that Colin Firth has the full support of team Ahlan! We can’t wait to see the handsome Brit accept the
Best Actor award for his performance in The
King’s Speech.

D for Dates
With stars like Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet, Zac Efron and Mila Kunis recently back on the market, we can’t wait to see who they’ll be bringing as their +1

E for Eighty Third
Academy Awards
This year will mark 83 years since the first Academy Awards, which was first held at Hollywood’s Hotel Roosevelt in 1929. This year’s show will take place at Los Angeles’ Kodak Theatre, which has been the show’s home since 2002.

F for First Time Nominees
This year’s Oscars are stacked with first time nominees including Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Lawrence, James Franco, Jacki Weaver and Hailee Steinfeld, who is only the second youngest person in Oscar history to be nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category.

G for Gwyneth Paltrow

The Academy Award-winning actress will be switching things up this year by performing a musical number instead of presenting an award. Gwyn is set to perform “Coming Home” from her latest flick Country Strong, in which she shows off her musical talents.

H for Honorary Award
Each year, the Academy hands out an award to a member of the film world who has had an outstanding effect on the industry. Past winners include screen legends Robert Redford, Lauren Bacall and Peter O’Toole. This year, the bet’s on actor, director and film legend Clint Eastwood.

I for International Appeal
Aired to nearly 100 countries, the Academy Awards telecast is one of the world’s most watched events.

J for James Franco
James is the first star in 38 years to host the awards show and be nominated for an award. When asked about the strange circumstances, the actor responded, “I really don’t wanna sit in my seat and sweat and think about the awards, so it’s the perfect excuse to keep busy.” James will be co-hosting this year’s show with Anne Hathaway.

K for Kodak Theatre
The home of the Oscars is located in the heart of Hollywood and draws hundreds of fans to witness the red carpet pre-show.

L for Live Show
Aired live around the world, you can never be sure what’s going to happen at the Academy Awards. From missed cues to uncensored obscenities and unscripted acceptance speeches, expect a gaffe or two.

M for Menu
Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck has been the official chef in charge of the Oscar menu for 15 years and never ceases to amaze guests with his inventive Academy Award-themed menu. Serving dinner to some 1600 members of the film industry and their partners, if anyone knows how to do the Oscar menu right, it’s Wolfgang.

N for No-Shows
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have reportedly decided to boycott the awards show after Katie was spoofed by supposed friend and Oscar host Anne Hathaway on Saturday Night Live in November.

O for Opening Number

Last year saw presenter Hugh Jackman show off his funny and undeniably charming side with a song and dance sequence, as well as a crowd-pleasing monologue. Newcomers Anne Hathaway and James Franco take command this year so expect a few surprises!

P for Presenters and Performers
Handing out awards this year will be previous Oscar winners Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges (nominated for Best Actor), Sandra Bullock and Oprah Winfrey. Adding some entertainment will be Mandy Moore, Florence Welsh and A.R. Rahman.

Q for Queen’s Endorsement
The King’s Speech has received the ultimate honour getting praise from Queen Elizabeth II, the daughter of the film’s main character. According to a source, the monarch found the film “moving” and “enjoyable”.

R for Red Carpet
From gown glory to fashion faux pas, there’s nothing like the Oscars red carpet to get the show started. Expect designer dresses, plenty of bling and candid interviews from the biggest stars.

S for Snubs
Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Steven Soderberg are among the list of the stars that didn’t quite make the cut for this year’s nominations. But it was Burlesque star Cher who took one snub particularly hard. “We didn’t get a nomination for best song! That sucks! Diane’s song is so beautiful!”. she said.

T for Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 is only the second animated film to be nominated for both Best Film and Best Animated Film, and while it’s unlikely that Tom Hank’s cartoon flick will beat the competition in the Best Film category, we bet it will trump its animated peers.

U for Unexpected Wins
In 2005, it was Brokeback Mountain’s shocking loss to the star-studded drama Crash that proved nothing is certain at the Academy Awards. With this year’s predictions set, it really is anyone’s guess who takes home the golden gong.

V for Vampire Flicks
Unfortunately for the Twi-hard fans out there, everyone’s favourite bloodsucker films weren’t given any nods, not even for special effects... There’s always next year!

W for Winter’s Bone
This surprise nominee barely made it onto the box office radar, and with a fairly unknown cast, it’s definitely the underdog in its category. But newcomer Jennifer Lawrence is quickly becoming Hollywood’s new “it” girl, having been nominated for Best Actress at almost every major awards show this year.

X for X Factor
Pregnant, newly engaged and nominated for Best Actress for her widely acclaimed role in the Black Swan, Natalie Portman is definitely this year’s most talked about nominee. With the fashion world eager to find out what she’ll be wearing and movie lovers dying to know if she gets the gong, Nat’s the one to watch this year!

Y for Young Hollywood
With 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld up for Best Supporting Actress, 20-year-old Jennifer Lawrence up for Best Actress and 27-year-old Jesse Eisenberg nominated for Best Actor, young Hollywood is fairly well represented at this year’s show.

Z for Z-listers
Every year, there are a handful of so-called ‘stars’ that manage to make their way onto the exclusive guest list. These individuals squeeze through the net of tight security on the arm of someone significantly more famous. Nick Cannon on the arm of Mariah Carey is a prime example!

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