Oscars 2014: Jennifer Lawrence Trips AGAIN!

CLICK TO SEE THE PIC - Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the red carpet this time round too but, as always, she was a sport about it!
ByNazia KhanMonday , 03 March 2014
Oscars 2014: Jennifer Lawrence Trips AGAIN!
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Jennifer Lawrence, post-trip!

Jennifer Lawrence - amazing actress and gorgeous girl but a tripper! So you know she tripped on her way to the stage at the Oscars last year (we think winning Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook would've been compensation though). This year, Jen barely made it to the red carpet before she tripped. The American Hustle actress did try to grab on to a friend at least, even though it didn't help. See the pic below. 

"I did trip over a [parking] cone," Jennifer said. "I'm not safe." 

She may not be safe but she is cute. And she looked pretty elegant for the rest of the time in red Dior. 

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