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Orlando's Mother Hits Back

13 Jun 2017

Sonia Bloom wants everyone to focus on her son’s achievements, okay?

Mums can be pretty embarrassing when you’re trying to be cool in school. And it seems at age 40, Orlando Bloom still has the same problem. Last week Orly’s mother sent out a full resume of her son’s work to newsrooms around England due to “repeated inaccuracies in the media”. Awkies, yes. But it’s also adorable, if you ask us.

The British actor has made headlines over the past 12 months with his various antics, from the paddle boarding incident with his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry to most recently reportedly romancing a waitress who was subsequently sacked. And it seems his former journalist mother Sonia Copeland Bloom, 75, isn’t happy about the way Orlando’s career has been represented in the spotlight, triggering her to format a four-page document listing his life in detail.

Orlando's Mother Hits Back

Newspaper The Times reports she “sent a copy to every national newsroom in the country”, allowing recipients to read up on Orly’s filmography, humanitarian work and even his honorary degree from the University of Kent. There’s also said to be a page dedicated to quotes from reviews of his performances, with lines describing him as “fabulously uncomplicated and effortlessly handsome”, as well as “dashing and debonair”.

Making sure each publication knows what they have received, Sonia reportedly wrote in an accompanying note: “I have the pleasure in enclosing a copy of his CV, which is both up to date and 100 percent accurate.” LOL!

Orlando's Mother Hits Back

This move comes after Sonia defended her son describing himself as a “pikey” on live radio last month, joking people “don’t want to get on the wrong side” of him. Penning a piece for British newspaper the Kentish Gazette, Sonia explained: “I think anyone listening would have known it was said jokingly about the place where he was born and bred. Orlando, I feel sure, was referring to the fact he enjoys mixing with people from all walks of life.”

We’ve always loved Orlando, but it seems that his mum really is his biggest fan. Way to go, Mrs Bloom!